Saturday, August 22, 2009

2009/08/22 First Official Day in Korea.

Well, this is the first time I have been out of North America and so far, it's really good. This is how it began: First, my awesome mom and dad drove us down to Vancouver on Thursday 18 and we stayed at a hotel right near the Vancouver International Airport. We arrived in Vancouver at like 1 or 2am in the morning. I didn't sleep on the ride, only about an hour nap. I don't remember when I feel Asleep but when I woke up we were at Luckacuck St in Chilliwack and, randomly, my Dad wanted FatPills(a.k.a Timbits) and a coffee. I got my mom to get me a little one.I didn't drink for like another hour and a half. I always do that.. if I get a normal coffee, I'll let it sit in the cup for up to an hour before drinking it. (I used to do that when mom drove us to work an hour away from home) But If I get a Latte or something like that, I'll usually drink it right away ^^ mm Lattes.SO, then everyone had a drink (alcohol), except for me because I was tired. I just went on the computer for a bit and then brushed my teeth and went to bed. The clock in the hotel was an hour fast, so I thought I went to bed at 3am. lol but it was only 2am. That's funny. so, when I woke up, I thought it was 6 but it was 5am, then I went back to sleep until about 7am. Everyone groomed. The shampoo and conditioner in the hotel fucking sucked. It was oily and there wasn't enough for my hair. I was pissed about that.Breakfast was actually good, of course it was a continental breakfast but I had this cool concentrated grapefruit juice. It wasn't sweet at all, but I wanted to try it. It actually tasting like a grapefruit, so I but a bit of sugar in it and then it was fine. I ate a croissant and half a mini muffin, heated with butter and a bowl of rice crispys, no sugar with milk. (I usually don't drink milk much anymore, it hurts the tummy a bit and BFs stomach doesn't like milk).After breakfast we packed all our stuff for our carry-on and headed out very quickly.The drive to the airport, at which is like 10 mins from the airport when there is no traffic, took like 25 or so minutes. Mom and Dad dropped us off at the international area but they weren't able to stay for long because it was drop off only. We exchanged hugs and kisses and goodbye. My voice crackled with the want to cry because, of course, I'll miss my family, but I didn't cry. I almost did. I would have bawled my eyes out if mom and dad stayed longer. I believe they cried, but there is nothing wrong with crying. I just don't like to do it in public too much. Then we entered Vancouver International airport, the gateway to and from Asia. lol We went to the check in desk and then I remember I forgot to tell my Mom something so I had to run to the fucking payphone, to call my mom it would have been $2.05 but the damned phone wouldn't take my damned loonies. The piece of crap payphone! But the call was to no avail because I went to the Service/information desk and they let me call my mom. I made it seem like it was an emergency but it wasn't really too much lol. But all I got was the answering machine. I didn't know if she was in an area were cellphones don't work or if it was off. I believe that she just didn't hear it. Oh well. What sucks though, is I felt so naked and vulnerable without my cellphone. I felt that my whole trip. (I'll tell more later)So then I just gave up and joined Jang Ik (my boyfriend, he's Korean ^^) at the baggage check in. I guess one of the bags (his of course) was a bit too heavy, so we scrambled before we reached the desk to take some stuff out and put it intpo one of the smaller bags that were naturally lighter lol. It wasn't fun scrambling. We had the proper weight before we got to the airport, because my buddy at the Gas station in Barriere, BC (small town) was nice awesome enough to allow us to use the weight scale (its used because a greyhound stops at the gas station).
Everything went smoothly from the check in to departure. We were there like 2 hours before departure. And I updated my friends and family that I was close to leaving.
Take off was simple and easy and they must have done a perfect job pressurizing the cabin because I had no problem with my ears or anything. I was so surprise, GO AIR CANADA! lol

I watched some movies: I tried to watch the Hannah Montana movie but I didn't make it 5 minutes into the movie and shut it off. (I don't think I can handle an hour and a half of hannah montana) but I watched 17 again - which was funny, weird and creepy-ish all at the same time, then Monsters and Aliens - which was a really good movie. It was awesome ^^
and then some weird-ass movie called adventure land. It fucking sucked. I was like hey, thats the girl from twilight, how can she go from this dirty movie to a near kids movie...?
All the drinks were complementary, and I didn't know that the alcoholic drinks were complementary too. Damn it! lol oh well. The meal was alright, the first one was braised beef on rice and some weird cheesecake thing that was way to soft and creamy to be cheesecake and Jang Ik got the pasta, the pasta tasted funny. Then I forget what the second meal was, lol.
Anyways it was a Looooooooooooooooooooooong 8hr30min flight (we were actually in the air for about 6hr30min or so hours). The landing was easy and I got some good pictures of Japan and its farmland ^^ It was 3:30pm on Friday the 20th when we arrived.

Customs was somewhat easy, they weren't that nice but they were doing their job.
We got all our luggage delivered safe ^^. We exchanged Canadian to yen. for $100 cad you get 77yen back. That sucks. We changed 250CAD. After that we put our luggage in lockers. It cost 500Yen each locker, we used 3. (cost an extra 500yen each to open the locker)
We took our back packs and our one carry-on with us and then we headed to the JR line. It
We took the JR to Narita, it cost us 1000yen each to get to Nippori. Then from Nippori to Iidabashi it cost us 130yen each. It was dark when we made it to Iidabashi. Then we went to the Tokyo International Youth Hostel. I had to ask where it was. Of course I asked in Japanese. I was pleased that I know some Japanese ^^
Even with some directions, we had a hard time finding it. Even though it was almost in the same building as the subway. After we checked into the hostel, we were in separate rooms :( , we went out to get something to eat. We were both really tired and somewhat grumpy but overall, we were happy.
There was this shop where you pay for the food first at a ticket booth and then by the time you sit down, your food is ready. I had some beef with rice, it was good and Jang Ik had Pork with rice. I couldn't finish it, so Jang Ik ate the rest. The beef was really nice, it looked like shaved bacon ^^
After eating, we were finally able to go to bed. I had some trouble sleeping. I basically woke up every hour or so and I was fully awake at 6am. I got to view a beautiful city night on the 18th floor at 4 am in the morning, by myself (through glass)

That morning i had a shower but it wasn't a normal American shower.. it was the Japanese style public ones (only public to the people in the hostel) I was so shy.. but at least there was only one girl in there and she was pretty much done soon after I got in. We talked. I spoke some Japanese with her. Her English was understandable. She was cute ^^
After she left, I went and showered. I'm glad no one came in. I don't like undressing in public ^^;;
We ate breakfast at 7am. It was just toast, egg, sausage and salad. It was yummy though. I drank two cups of coffee and OJ ^^

Then we headed off to Shibuya. It was really neat. I also got to see some really cool little streets of Japan. We got hungry but it was really early so nothing was open for food. We hit up a convenience store and had some "pudding".We ate and then it was about time to head back to the Airport. We took the subway to Nippori, we were making good time but we were 50yen short and the guy didn't let us buy a ticket. I mean its 50yen for crying out loud! So after about an hour of searching for a damned exchange place (ended up going 30 min and back to another city that finally had a exchange bank, and then finding out there was an exchange bank just one station from Nippori) we went back and bought our ticket. We were an hour late for our plane, but luckily there was one more plane leaving Japan for Korea 10 or so.We met the airline ladies when it opened at 8pm to get our new ticket. It cost 200$ for us to change it. Which with exchange rate made us lose almost 300$.That really pissed me off. I SWEAR to anyone - DO NOT go to Japan until the yen falls below the dollar.
We were really hungry and had to wait a couple hours, so we we hit up Subway at Narita Airport.

The plane ride to Korea was about 2 hours. It was a noisy flight, like Air Canada Jazz (I hate Jazz - its BS!) and Jang Ik and I were really tired. We were served dinner really early, it was REALLY yummy but it took me Two hours to eat because I was falling asleep in it. lol. Not fun. I had a restless night prior to this plane ride. It sucks. anyways, by the time I finished my meal, we were almost landing and the Flight Attendants were trying to get me to hurry up so they can put it away. haha. So we landed and had received all our luggage in a timely manner - it was 12am. We were disoriented and tired. We found out that all buses and subways would be done when we arrive in Seoul. But to our luck, there was a bus that would take us to Seoul but after that we would have to find our own way to get to Namyangju. There was this really annoying Taxi driver that kept on bugging me and Jang Ik to ride in the cab instead, but it would be bloody expensive.I ran to get some money exchanged and it cost us 20,000won (20$) to take this coach from Incheon to Seoul. We didn't sleep yet. By the time we made it to Seoul, it was 1am in the morning and we were really about to pass out. haha. The bus stopped at a really nice looking, expensive hotel. Jang Ik had to look for a pay phone so I sat quietly by myself nearby. Always looking out for him though, so if anything happened I could yell to him,A lot of drunk people walked by, I really don't think they noticed me because they were too drunk lol. But I turned my head every time they walked by, just in case. Jang Ik called his Dad to pick us up and he did. The moment his Dad pulled up infront of where I was, I knew who he was and I said "Annyeoghaseyo."I told him, in Konglish, that Jang Ik was over there, pointing to a pay phone - because he was gonna call his dad again to see where he was. It takes about 1.5 hours to Namyangju from where we were.

We got to the Apartment and walked to the 2nd floor, where they lived. His mom, at first sight was cute looking woman. After getting settled, we sat and talked - well, Jang Ik was our translator, as they don't speak any English and I don't speak any Korean. haha... His mom said that she didn't think I would be cute, but I am. Because of stupid American media, she figured I was going to be tall, fat, and have a big pointy nose, but nope - I'm cute ^^ Hehe

And this is my travel so far, I will try to blog some more when I get the chance to do so.I have nothing really to talk about from August 22 - October 1st. Really... not much..I will try to fill in some things on random days in the past that I experienced or saw... If i remember. I really have a hard time telling my experiences - I really have a weird life.....

This was my first time outside North America and it was a fun trip, so far. So, I hope you liked it!

Adios Amigos... oops I mean Annyeonghi kaseyo (good bye)

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