Saturday, August 8, 2009

Vancouver August 9th.

Two Beautiful Lovers

In the first picture, My face is all red and has unseen bumps on it. :( I must have reacted to something.

This is Jang Ik and I in Vancouver before we moved to Korea yay ^^

We had lots of fun, although... I didn't get a job until two months before we moved and... it was only weekend and statutory holidays (though that did mean double time and a half, ha ha ha) and also, any shifts that people want off to go do things.
I totally spent more money than I made, and we made it to Korea with $400 each.

Um yeah... I had forgotten to post this post a long time ago.. because I was testing this blog out and something messed up how I wanted my pics. But now(March 7), 8 months later I fixed it a bit. ha ha ha

So.. um, I won't do this style again... it kinda sucks.

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