Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I have been really busy!

Really super duper di do - busy.
Please forgive me for not blogging, its not like anyone actually reads this, even when I post the link in many different places on my facebook. aishh!! Comment if you actually read this

So! This is how it all goes down...
Monday; 10 - 12 at a school called 이화 유치원 Iwha Yuchiwon (yuchiwon means kindergarten)
Tuesday; 10 - 1 at 고은 유치원Ko-uen and 2 - 3 at some other school(forgot the name)
Wednesday; 10 - 2:30 at Wizard of Oz Kindergarten
Thursday; 3:30 - 5:30 tutoring at a place in 서현(seo-hyeon) (which in about 55mins away by subway)
Friday; 10 - 1 at ko-uen kindergarten and 2- 3 at that other school (yes again)

And then weekends off. Omg I'm so busy... but still not money yet. I will be getting it.

Also, tomorrow at my most favourite kindergarten (Oz), we will be doing an outside activity all day so I have to dress warm. AND! I promise to bring my camera for it so I have pictures! It would be blasphemous to not bring my camera. The heavens would rain sulfur down on me and turn me to salt... well.. not really, but I promise this time I really do.

Oh, my lord almighty, look at me ranting. Haha I sound religious with my style of speech.. hehe

I hope you enjoyed my ranting!!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Korean Trad. song and dance

I know I promised pictures but I forgot to bring my Camera.
But this day, some of my classes were cancelled because there was a Korean Traditional Song and Dance performance at the Kindergarten. (not dont by the kids, but by some of ther teachers.)

I have videos on my cellphone, but when I put them on the computer and tried to upload them to youtube and blogger, the sounds was gone.
I have to firgure out how to make the sound stay and turn it into .avi or something.
hehe someone help?!!

so, I cannot post the videos, because they do not look good without sound.

Finally got something to fix my problem, I will upload them now

This is the Phys Ed teacher using Korean Drums. The kids love what ever he does. They really respect him I think. They are really the greatest kids so far. I really enjoying playing and teaching them. ^^ I have to think of some cool activites or games we can play with our books. I would be so fun. Maybe I'll introduce baby monkey to them kekeke

Here he is again, this time with a fan dance. The sound of the fans being timed with the music was really neat. thats why I went (woooahhh..) lol

This is a traditional song, I don't know what it's about but it sounds nice. I really love the instrument she is playing.



Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Whaahhh!!! ~

I cry. Right now it is raining and with scary thunderstorming and lightning. :'(
Jang Ik is coming home from school, so i'm all along and scared.

Anyways, I got another job! yay
My recruiter G->Got me a job for Tuesdays and Fridays from 10 - 3 ^^.
Its kinda far from home, but it gives me money yay!
So now, I have 3 jobs which then I should be racking in the money!! (lol jokes)

I'll keep you posted about the T/F job, I get to start it this friday.
Tomorrow I have my Wednesday kindergarten class at Wizard of Oz Kindergarten.
I will bring my camera this time so you get pictures ^^ yay!

They are so much fun.
Right now, I am making timetable for myself to see when I should get up and running in the early morning, 'tis an hours subway ride to the school.
arghghgh!! but Money yay!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

No more crochet

For a while at least. My fingers hurt and all I can think about is "single crochet single crochet, 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 chain 1, repeat"
So, here is the finished product with her new dress

Front of the dress. This is supposed to be a dress for Kelly (barbies sister)
and the pattern was different from the other dress I made, so this one doesn't really fit my bunny.

So, I added more rows and make it look like a corset....sort of.
in real life it looks better.

Beautiful Miffy with her new dress.
There is too much white, so its a little weird. I'm gonna make something else another day
but without so much white.

Here is the back. It looks really weird on her from the back.I didn't really sew it up properly. I'm still new at crocheting.

This is what is was supposed to look like,
but remember people, I only have one size crochet hook
and it is somewhat big.

here is the pattern:

Saturday, October 10, 2009

I can ACTUALLY finish a started project...

..As long as I have 2 or 3 days straight to do it.

I finished a project that I started yesterday and my fingers really hurt :(

Here is is:

(drum roll please...)


Thinner tampons??

Round Tampons??

whats the meaning of this!?!?!
Who the heck crochets TAMPONS and calls it a finished project?!?!
Haha, just kidding..

This is what I did!

A Bunny Rabbit Amigurumi!! (crochet stuffed animal)
It looks not as good as I wanted and one arm is lower than the other and the eyes are uneven
but... how many of you can do this?? (yeah, i thought so)

If you read that other post, this is the Kelly dress that I crochet. Well, I'm so happy that it fits, that means I get to search for Kelly clothes for her to make her cute!
She doesn't look too cute naked :(

Well, what do you think for my first crochet stuffy? (oh, btw - I used the stuffing from my pillow to stuff her! hahaha lol - the reason: my pillow is TOO big and I want to make it smaller, without wasting the stuff on the inside, hahahah)

Please enjoy,
I will be making a lot of clothes for her!!

Next projects: finish that damned kimono that I have been sewing for the past 4 years!! (oh yeah...thats all in Canada. lol)

P.S I got the pattern from a website in which its closed down.. so sad :(

Friday, October 9, 2009

My freetime

I know this is a random blog now... since I am going to post about my free time.
So, today, I had a nice long day off to do nothing and that's exactly what I did...nothing.
Well I did crochet all day and I even have some pictures of my work. I follow patterns, of course.

Maybe some know, that when I lived in Vancouver I had taken up the hobby of crocheting. I had done some knitting before but nothing ever got done and the language was too hard.

Here is what I have done today:

A Flower.

Another Flower

Merigold flower

Almost the same as that last pink one, but this time its bigger, with more petals and it is around my button for my jeans ^^

A HAPPY fried egg!! (He looks better in real life, I didn't fold him properly to actually look like an egg)


I got this pattern off a site that does knitting and crochet for barbie, this little dress is for kelly, but my crochet hook is too big and it's not completely finish, I lost the rest of the pattern (because I didn't bookmark the website lol)

Tamago!! (egg roll) I originally did these sushi in Vancouver, I found the pattern in a book in the library and fell in love. I photocopied it, so I can still make more!! hahahah!

California rolls (without the eggs - I need orange beads to finish the white one)

Well, this is all for now.
I have about a million granny squares (squares that are crochet in rounds).
I am currently working on a bunny plushie(stuffy). If you are interested in what a crochet plushie looks like google amigurumi and you'll get lots of nice pictures.

I hope you enjoyed these pictures hehe ^^

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Teacher! Teacher!

This is what I heard on Wednesday and Thursday.
Do you have any idea how cool it sounds when a cute little Korean kid calls you teacher(in either English or Korean)? Its so awesome.

I'm really tired today :( Yesterday (Wednesday) was lots of fun and made me tired because I was singing and dancing and playing. Actually on Wednesday I had to wake u[ at 7:30 to catch the bus to the subway and then a 60minute subway ride to the school...
I slept in until 10am today. (I have been getting up early lately, yay go me)

Also here are some pictures I owe:

This is my cupboard. I have oil, curry cubes, spam and ramen.

Jang Ik's mom lent us a rice cooker!
Its total technology! 100 times better than my Dad's rice cooker lol.

Propane Gas Range. Scary isn't it??

This is Yena's sister, In-Young.
She is 6 (i think). Totally cute! She goes to an all English Hakkwon (a private school), so her English is ok. I tutor her after her sister for about 30 mins. I just read a book, talk and play ^^

Its fun! Next time I will have songs for her

This is their little brother. He is 30 months old (which is 4 in Korean lol)And their mom. I don't know her name yet lol...

Well I hope you enjoyed some of these pictures.

First Day at Kindergarten

So, today was my first day of kindergarten but this time I wasn't the little 4 year old....
I was the Seon-saeng-nim(선생님) - the teacher. I only go there on Wednesdays though ^^
It was tons of fun! They are the cutest little kids ever! I love Korean kindergarten. The youngest kid in Korean kindergarten is around the age of 2 (because Korean age counting is different. InKorean he would be 4 - yeah weird) and the oldest would be around 5 (7 Korean age).
But they are really smart kids ^^

So, its a 3 hour day with lunch in the middle and lunch is from the school (so Korean food-yum!)
My time is as follows:

10:00 - 10:20 age 7, 15 students, Pine Tree
10:20 -10:40 age 7, 15 students, Pine Tree
10:40 - 11:00 age 5, 20 students, Happy Kids
11:00 - 11:25 age 6, 15 students, Forest
11:25 - 11:50 age 6, 15 students, Forest
11:50 - 12:50 ~~~LUNCH~~~
12:50 - 1:15 age 6, 15 students, Dew
1:15 - 1:40 age 6, 15 students, Dew
1:40 - 2:05 age 7, 10 students, Zelkova Tree
2:05 - 2:25 age 5, 10 students, Dreamy Kids

Do you notice doubles here? yes for class name, they had to be split because
they are such LARGE groups and the little class room wouldn't be able to fit them
all!! I'm glad for the smaller numbers lol ^^
Oh and Happy Kids... oh they are VERY happy. I'll get you pics of my groups
next week when I go to school.

Anyways for this month, the theme is time, so the books I got to read were
5 year old class: Five little ducks (OMG do you remember this book?! I do)
6 year old class: Ten little monkeys (jumping on the bed!!!)
7 year old class: What's the time, Mr.Wolf? (actually this book sucks and the song sucks too...there are barely any actions to do while reading it...)

With the first two books there are ways to get them to remember the material by asking them a question like "how many monkeys?" or "1,2,3,4,5 ducks..... 1,2,3,4 ducks... uh oh...where?"
Exactly like that. And of course the monkey book is my favourite!! Because I know the song soooooooo well.. I don't even have to read it hehe "5 little monkeys jumpin on the bed, one fell off and bumped his head, mama..." lol you know the rest.

I hope you enjoyed this segment...


I promise to post pics of my groups!!

P.S I'm not that sick anymore!! yay!!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Sick :(

Well... today is not really a good day.

I am making tons of lesson plans by compiling TONs of very different information from all over the Internet. Why am I doing this? Well Tomorrow - Wednesday the 7th, I may have a job. Although its not full time, it does let me live. I will use it to get experience, and I promise I'll be rolling in Cash haha lol.

Anyways, I have been building and making my lesson plans for about 2 weeks now. Its fun and not fun at the same time. I use the paint program to make additions or changes to a lot of worksheets and stuff.

Its really hard to find really simple things for kids that don't speak English. But I was told to use a lot of songs, games and stories and to me LOUD!! (OMG!! I GET TO BE LOUD!!) but... I used to be loud... sometimes I wish I still had that.. I'm going to have to drink 10 dixie cups worth of coffee to be hyped up tomorrow. I have to wake up at around 7 or so to get to the interview by 9:30 am. The station is kinda far from my home.... and then I believe I work at 10:30 - 2:30 ... with an unpaid hour break.

All ya'll must wish me TONS of luck!! They are kindergarten kids!! AHHH!~~ Suuuuuper cuuuute though. My recruiter had given me a training session, sort of..., and
I got to watch a teacher do her thing and I got lots of info from her. I'm so happy I was there. I was scared it was going to be hard but guess what.... ITS NOT!!

I'll have ton of pictures of it when I get a job!1 ahhahaha!!

also, I do tutor a 9 year old girl. Her English name is Lucia. (...eh?) and her real name is Ye-Na. wow.. but she is really cute and is really smart and speaks really good English (BTW her mom speaks NO English lol)
Ye-Na is learning vocabulary, grammar (omg it so sucks, she hates it..and so do I. but we do it to make her mom happy), and reading... We have to do MORE reading (really 1.5 hrs is NOT enough time). Her reading is sort of good but her pronunciation is brutal...

<--This is Ye-Na I will also be tutoring her little sister, In-Young (aka Rachel), for 30 mins after Ye-Na Her little sister is in Kindergarten I ADORE her and she ADORES me. She goes to an all English kindergarten (talk about really tough for a little girl). I will just be singing with her and reading her books with her. In-Young can read SOOO much better than Ye-Na... I wonder why...

<-- This is In-Young - In Korean age In-Young would be actually younger than our average kindergarten kids. She would probably be in preschool in Canada... but their age system is weird. If you teach a class of 4 year olds, they are most likely between the ages of 2 and 3....so young..!! Anyways, the point of this original post was to mention that I have a cold and it SUCKS!! I've got that annoying gross mucous stuff and dry throat and some sneezes. Other then that I'm fine. I've been getting lots of sleep and drinking gallons of water. I don't have a fever so don't worry hahaha.. Sorry I still don't have information about Korea still... I cant explain the weird things that happen here...

Sunday, October 4, 2009

My first official post from Korea.

안녕하세요! An-nyeong-ha-se-yo.(Hello)
Also, please read my very first post before this one...hehe

Sweet ass wall just outside the Canadian Embassy! Wanna know something funny - there are no Canadians in the Canadian Embassy.......
Just having some fun with my new camera. Got my awesome Canadian flag on the wall. I sorta stole it from my bro. But he's in Canada and didn't need it lol.
This is my man!! So cuuuute~~
A selfphoto of me at my first interview for a recruiter. I'm trying to be kindy teacher.
It was a really good interview but the recruiter hardly speaks English... a lot of other recruiters do lol.
Btw.. i still don't have a job, but I'm getting there. I promise you.

The first picture of us from my cellphone. Its really good. The selfphoto camera is 1.5M and the other camera has 3M and is wide angle-auto focus. SO awesome. Korean cellphones are the greatest hehehE!

This is my first official blog from Korea. Sorry it took so long to do so but...I didn't have time. I still don't have time but I will try. Korea is really interesting.

안녕히 가세요!

An-nyeong-hi ka-se-yo! (Good bye)

P.S I may even give you guys some Korean lessons lol

More blog:
I'm just hanging out at my BFs school while he has class. We'll be heading off to eat lunch in 1.5 hours. Its 1:30pm on Monday, September 5th. I've been having loads of fun. Of course I miss you guys but I am doing fine still. I promise you.

hopefully I will master Korean quickly. i am getting a little better, I can say a couple more phrases than before. All Koreans get surprised even if I just say "hello" and "thank you" in Korea. lol ^^