Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I have been really busy!

Really super duper di do - busy.
Please forgive me for not blogging, its not like anyone actually reads this, even when I post the link in many different places on my facebook. aishh!! Comment if you actually read this

So! This is how it all goes down...
Monday; 10 - 12 at a school called 이화 유치원 Iwha Yuchiwon (yuchiwon means kindergarten)
Tuesday; 10 - 1 at 고은 유치원Ko-uen and 2 - 3 at some other school(forgot the name)
Wednesday; 10 - 2:30 at Wizard of Oz Kindergarten
Thursday; 3:30 - 5:30 tutoring at a place in 서현(seo-hyeon) (which in about 55mins away by subway)
Friday; 10 - 1 at ko-uen kindergarten and 2- 3 at that other school (yes again)

And then weekends off. Omg I'm so busy... but still not money yet. I will be getting it.

Also, tomorrow at my most favourite kindergarten (Oz), we will be doing an outside activity all day so I have to dress warm. AND! I promise to bring my camera for it so I have pictures! It would be blasphemous to not bring my camera. The heavens would rain sulfur down on me and turn me to salt... well.. not really, but I promise this time I really do.

Oh, my lord almighty, look at me ranting. Haha I sound religious with my style of speech.. hehe

I hope you enjoyed my ranting!!

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  1. lol I read it!!! and man, i want to see some of these pictures you keep promising!