Friday, October 16, 2009

Korean Trad. song and dance

I know I promised pictures but I forgot to bring my Camera.
But this day, some of my classes were cancelled because there was a Korean Traditional Song and Dance performance at the Kindergarten. (not dont by the kids, but by some of ther teachers.)

I have videos on my cellphone, but when I put them on the computer and tried to upload them to youtube and blogger, the sounds was gone.
I have to firgure out how to make the sound stay and turn it into .avi or something.
hehe someone help?!!

so, I cannot post the videos, because they do not look good without sound.

Finally got something to fix my problem, I will upload them now

This is the Phys Ed teacher using Korean Drums. The kids love what ever he does. They really respect him I think. They are really the greatest kids so far. I really enjoying playing and teaching them. ^^ I have to think of some cool activites or games we can play with our books. I would be so fun. Maybe I'll introduce baby monkey to them kekeke

Here he is again, this time with a fan dance. The sound of the fans being timed with the music was really neat. thats why I went (woooahhh..) lol

This is a traditional song, I don't know what it's about but it sounds nice. I really love the instrument she is playing.



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