Friday, October 9, 2009

My freetime

I know this is a random blog now... since I am going to post about my free time.
So, today, I had a nice long day off to do nothing and that's exactly what I did...nothing.
Well I did crochet all day and I even have some pictures of my work. I follow patterns, of course.

Maybe some know, that when I lived in Vancouver I had taken up the hobby of crocheting. I had done some knitting before but nothing ever got done and the language was too hard.

Here is what I have done today:

A Flower.

Another Flower

Merigold flower

Almost the same as that last pink one, but this time its bigger, with more petals and it is around my button for my jeans ^^

A HAPPY fried egg!! (He looks better in real life, I didn't fold him properly to actually look like an egg)


I got this pattern off a site that does knitting and crochet for barbie, this little dress is for kelly, but my crochet hook is too big and it's not completely finish, I lost the rest of the pattern (because I didn't bookmark the website lol)

Tamago!! (egg roll) I originally did these sushi in Vancouver, I found the pattern in a book in the library and fell in love. I photocopied it, so I can still make more!! hahahah!

California rolls (without the eggs - I need orange beads to finish the white one)

Well, this is all for now.
I have about a million granny squares (squares that are crochet in rounds).
I am currently working on a bunny plushie(stuffy). If you are interested in what a crochet plushie looks like google amigurumi and you'll get lots of nice pictures.

I hope you enjoyed these pictures hehe ^^

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