Monday, October 5, 2009

Sick :(

Well... today is not really a good day.

I am making tons of lesson plans by compiling TONs of very different information from all over the Internet. Why am I doing this? Well Tomorrow - Wednesday the 7th, I may have a job. Although its not full time, it does let me live. I will use it to get experience, and I promise I'll be rolling in Cash haha lol.

Anyways, I have been building and making my lesson plans for about 2 weeks now. Its fun and not fun at the same time. I use the paint program to make additions or changes to a lot of worksheets and stuff.

Its really hard to find really simple things for kids that don't speak English. But I was told to use a lot of songs, games and stories and to me LOUD!! (OMG!! I GET TO BE LOUD!!) but... I used to be loud... sometimes I wish I still had that.. I'm going to have to drink 10 dixie cups worth of coffee to be hyped up tomorrow. I have to wake up at around 7 or so to get to the interview by 9:30 am. The station is kinda far from my home.... and then I believe I work at 10:30 - 2:30 ... with an unpaid hour break.

All ya'll must wish me TONS of luck!! They are kindergarten kids!! AHHH!~~ Suuuuuper cuuuute though. My recruiter had given me a training session, sort of..., and
I got to watch a teacher do her thing and I got lots of info from her. I'm so happy I was there. I was scared it was going to be hard but guess what.... ITS NOT!!

I'll have ton of pictures of it when I get a job!1 ahhahaha!!

also, I do tutor a 9 year old girl. Her English name is Lucia. ( and her real name is Ye-Na. wow.. but she is really cute and is really smart and speaks really good English (BTW her mom speaks NO English lol)
Ye-Na is learning vocabulary, grammar (omg it so sucks, she hates it..and so do I. but we do it to make her mom happy), and reading... We have to do MORE reading (really 1.5 hrs is NOT enough time). Her reading is sort of good but her pronunciation is brutal...

<--This is Ye-Na I will also be tutoring her little sister, In-Young (aka Rachel), for 30 mins after Ye-Na Her little sister is in Kindergarten I ADORE her and she ADORES me. She goes to an all English kindergarten (talk about really tough for a little girl). I will just be singing with her and reading her books with her. In-Young can read SOOO much better than Ye-Na... I wonder why...

<-- This is In-Young - In Korean age In-Young would be actually younger than our average kindergarten kids. She would probably be in preschool in Canada... but their age system is weird. If you teach a class of 4 year olds, they are most likely between the ages of 2 and young..!! Anyways, the point of this original post was to mention that I have a cold and it SUCKS!! I've got that annoying gross mucous stuff and dry throat and some sneezes. Other then that I'm fine. I've been getting lots of sleep and drinking gallons of water. I don't have a fever so don't worry hahaha.. Sorry I still don't have information about Korea still... I cant explain the weird things that happen here...

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