Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Teacher! Teacher!

This is what I heard on Wednesday and Thursday.
Do you have any idea how cool it sounds when a cute little Korean kid calls you teacher(in either English or Korean)? Its so awesome.

I'm really tired today :( Yesterday (Wednesday) was lots of fun and made me tired because I was singing and dancing and playing. Actually on Wednesday I had to wake u[ at 7:30 to catch the bus to the subway and then a 60minute subway ride to the school...
I slept in until 10am today. (I have been getting up early lately, yay go me)

Also here are some pictures I owe:

This is my cupboard. I have oil, curry cubes, spam and ramen.

Jang Ik's mom lent us a rice cooker!
Its total technology! 100 times better than my Dad's rice cooker lol.

Propane Gas Range. Scary isn't it??

This is Yena's sister, In-Young.
She is 6 (i think). Totally cute! She goes to an all English Hakkwon (a private school), so her English is ok. I tutor her after her sister for about 30 mins. I just read a book, talk and play ^^

Its fun! Next time I will have songs for her

This is their little brother. He is 30 months old (which is 4 in Korean lol)And their mom. I don't know her name yet lol...

Well I hope you enjoyed some of these pictures.

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