Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Whaahhh!!! ~

I cry. Right now it is raining and with scary thunderstorming and lightning. :'(
Jang Ik is coming home from school, so i'm all along and scared.

Anyways, I got another job! yay
My recruiter G->Got me a job for Tuesdays and Fridays from 10 - 3 ^^.
Its kinda far from home, but it gives me money yay!
So now, I have 3 jobs which then I should be racking in the money!! (lol jokes)

I'll keep you posted about the T/F job, I get to start it this friday.
Tomorrow I have my Wednesday kindergarten class at Wizard of Oz Kindergarten.
I will bring my camera this time so you get pictures ^^ yay!

They are so much fun.
Right now, I am making timetable for myself to see when I should get up and running in the early morning, 'tis an hours subway ride to the school.
arghghgh!! but Money yay!

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