Monday, November 16, 2009

bad day

Sorry for the really late response. today has only just started and its bad. i was on the bus when i remembered that i forgot my materials. so i got off at the next stop and got them. this time the bus was packed, i got pushed by ahjumma. then on the subway got pushed by an ajossi. then a full thrust out of the way by another ahjumma. it really sucks so now I'm pissed what else can go wrong

anyways, several hours later, I continue this post...
nothing bad happened ^^ I am very pleased. The kids were really good today. They absolutely love my hand crafted stories (stolen of course but still printed, cut coloured and glued all by me)
and baby monkey. Oh, how he is so cute.

So... I have this little cardboard cut out of this cute cartoon monkey in diapers, his name is Baby monkey and he is cold when its winter, so we roll dice with pictures of a coat, scarf, boots, hat and sweater and but the corresponding winter clothing article on him (yay for Velcro!!)

Its fun. Now for Christmas.. I have to figure out what game to play because we cant really use baby monkey for Christmas because my theme will be Christmas for all of December yay!

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  1. Maybe something with a christmas tree? Those are easy to work off of. XD

    What's 'ajossi?'