Friday, November 20, 2009

English Camp!

There is this event that goes on at some places called an English Camp. Its where kids go to after school to do activities, roleplay and games in English. Its so much fun.
I did my first English Camp on Friday and I would love to do it again.
I got to be an Immigration Officer and I asked for their passport, names, age and where they were from and they had to answer me in English, then I put an Immigration stamp in their passport and they went to line up and get their tickets ready and memorize where their seat was and then they went on the plane...

Here they pretended to be on an airplane and the flight attendant asked then questions in English ("what would you like to drink?") and they answered in English and were given their item.

("Orange Juice, please")

Here is another fun room, after the airplane they went to another room and did a play about three goats and a big troll, in English. It was tons of fun!

Here they were making telephone lines out of cups.

And then they played Bingo, in English, and even got good prizes. ^^

I will totally do it again. I can't wait to do another one

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