Thursday, January 28, 2010

1월 28일

Right now, I am making 배추국 - 맛있어요! (Baechu guk - Its yummy) Its only tasty because I make it with love.
But seriously, its really good. Sometimes I put Tteok in it. I like TTeok... or Mandu. ^^ yummy!

but anyways, I'm kinda bored because my nampyeon is ...playing Sims 3... too much right now. I played yesterday and the day before (while he was gone) but today I didn't, at all.
So now that I figured out that there are really interesting people on youtube that vlog everyday (or nearly everyday) I have become addicted to it a lot more. Although out of all the popular/famous youtube channels I watch, I am only subscribed to one popular channel. hahaha I'm awesome ^^

so today, I basically had two Ahjumma stare me down as I passed them. It really makes me feel uncomfortable because they had an air about them that was "I'm better than you, so I'm going to glare at you while you pass and then gossip later about you".
Its not really a friendly attitude. ... I mean a lot of other people are nicer and stare at me like "she's cute" or "omg, its a foreigner" but in an air that is curious instead of bitchy... (sigh)

Yeah, that's about it for my day. I drank lots of coffee. I better cut back because I'm starting to hate my teeth.. they are kinda more... yellow. So... That's my first sort of new years resolution. I still have until Feb 14th until Lunar new year, so I can start then ^^ because Asia is cool like that.

Here is a list that I'm going to make up now:
1) drink less coffee, more green tea (matcha)
2) stop buying random(I mean really random) junk
3) read 100 books before the next lunar new year
4) stop being so lazy
5) clean more, cook more, eat better things (ex: cut down on the ramyeon)
6) start running/jogging
7) Vlog more
8) Upload when you make the video and not 2 weeks later hahaha
9) learn/study korean harder
10) always be cute and loving towards all people, as usual ^^

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Studying Korean 1월 24일

So today was very interesting,

On Sundays, I am now tutoring a boy who is about 10 years old (Korean Age), Grade 2 of elementary. I am tutoring him English Grammar and holy HELL! He knows more about it than me... He speaks fluent, natural English because his father spoke to him in English since he was born, so he is completely bi-lingual. His father works for a foreign bank (Australia-New Zealand Bank - I believe) here in Korea, so he had to learn English. Its pretty neat, I will totally try that with my future future children because its so cool.

Anyways, the main intent for writing this blog is to mention that, considering I have only been in Korea for 6 months (as of today), I am pretty - or somewhat but not actually - fluent in Korean (Just a VERY little fluent.)

Here is an example of my fluency - I had tried studying Japanese for 6 years (age 13 - to age 18) and I don't speak a word of legible Japanese (is that a proper sentence??) and in the 6 months that I've been here, I can carry on a small conversation of broken Korean/English (Konglish). and at least I can get my point across.

I am very please with myself. ^^ I can't wait for another few months, then I'll be a lot better. I know my pronunciation is super super good, unlike a lot of people.
People who use romanized Korean or Japanese are doomed and will never learn real pronunciation and no one will be able to understand what they are saying.
To me, using romanization of Korean gets me super confused and gives me a head ache.
Plus, in Hanguel, there is one way to spell things, with romanization; there is more than 10 ways to try and spell a Korean word and they are all wrong.

Like what the hell is this : jwe-song-ha-ji-mahn. ?? or this jeo-nun han-kook-o-rul jo-gum-bah-ke mo-tahm-ni-da. <-- I can't even read that in English.. how the hell will I pronounce it properly in my life! Unless I read the Hanguel I will never know. My Fiancee can't even understand these weird romanizations.
and wtf ---> mahn-na-bwep-ge dwe-o-seo bahn-gahp-soum-ni-da. Wow... that is one effing long word. According to the website that I got it off of - to get some examples of what gives me a headache (which shall remain unnamed) - It means, "I am very glad to meet you. "
But... I learn "Nice to meet you" as 만나서 반갑습니다. (and in Romanization I would spell it as - 만나서 반갑습니다 because I don't even know the Romanization AHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!)

ANYWAYS, enough of my rant! I am going to edit more youtube videos ^_^

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

시카코 (Chicago) Musical

so, on the 19일 I went to the musical with the tickets that I won from ArirangTv. I'm so happy that I won tickets

Wow. Chicago was very interesting.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Happy new year. 2010년1월15일

Its been a while since I posted on this blog.
I really have a hard time blogging because my life is rather boring.

But I'm starting a Vlog on YouTube
you can check it out on my YouTube page.

I'll probably add my video's here, then I'll probably blog more. I guess I do have some news, I got my hair cut in December it's really cute and short now haha
and I also have been taking a free Korean language class at Sookdae ip ku station in Seoul Korea. (I forgot the English name of the station because I don't know the English versions of the station names because I'm one of the smarter people (foreigner) in Korea to actually learn hanguel and only know the Korean station names. *sighing at dumb people*
Their website is at: Kongbubang

Well, right now its 10:30pm on Friday January 15.
For anyone studying or who knows Korean its;

I guess for now I will be putting up some Korean.
I may try a Korean learning thing, also on my Vlogs. I really like this one guy from Korea name Hyunwoo Seon and he is really good at English and actively teaches Korean.
His YouTube channel is here And his Korean teaching website is Here.
he does pod casts in English and teaches Korean. its awesome.

Ok, thanks and maybe I'll post later tomorrow..

oh BTW I won Chicago tickets in Korea through!! So awesome!