Friday, January 15, 2010

Happy new year. 2010년1월15일

Its been a while since I posted on this blog.
I really have a hard time blogging because my life is rather boring.

But I'm starting a Vlog on YouTube
you can check it out on my YouTube page.

I'll probably add my video's here, then I'll probably blog more. I guess I do have some news, I got my hair cut in December it's really cute and short now haha
and I also have been taking a free Korean language class at Sookdae ip ku station in Seoul Korea. (I forgot the English name of the station because I don't know the English versions of the station names because I'm one of the smarter people (foreigner) in Korea to actually learn hanguel and only know the Korean station names. *sighing at dumb people*
Their website is at: Kongbubang

Well, right now its 10:30pm on Friday January 15.
For anyone studying or who knows Korean its;

I guess for now I will be putting up some Korean.
I may try a Korean learning thing, also on my Vlogs. I really like this one guy from Korea name Hyunwoo Seon and he is really good at English and actively teaches Korean.
His YouTube channel is here And his Korean teaching website is Here.
he does pod casts in English and teaches Korean. its awesome.

Ok, thanks and maybe I'll post later tomorrow..

oh BTW I won Chicago tickets in Korea through!! So awesome!

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