Wednesday, February 24, 2010

2월 25일 - So much for books :(

Right, now I won't be able to borrow any books from Jang Ik's library because he just graduated on Monday and is no longer a student. I believe there is a library near our apartment, we will try there but I don't believe they will have many books in English.

Yesterday, February 24, was beautiful. It was 16 degrees Celsius and I went for a walk after dark. It feels like almost the beginning of summer. But anyways, I went for a walk and checked out a couple stores - just for the hell of it because I love to look at things for no reason. I love touching things. Especially things I can't buy. lol But I went pretty far, like 15 minutes walk away from my place and saw a second hand(used) book store. I asked if he as any English books.
"영어 책 있어요?",
"영어 study?" (I think thats what he said.)
"아니요. 영어 읽다. 읽다. " (yeah.. great conjugation there Katie -_-)
then I mimed opening a book and reading it. Lol...
"아, yes."
"감가합니다." I said.
Then he showed me a whole bunch of old english books. Grammar, pronunciation, and normal novels. There was a few "romance" novels (the ones that tell all the sex scenes) and some Michael Crichton( the guy who wrote jurassic park and the sphere). There was a huge book with three of his novels as a special edition. It was so cool. I really wanted to get it, because I like his writing.
But then I found a book I had wanted to read in High school that I never got to read. A book that has a movie and I wanted to read the book ever since I saw the movie - -It was called Little Women.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

(NEW POST) 2월 21일 Spider pig???

Okay, two really cool and fun things.

Lollipop 2 (the second generation of the Cellphone I have) and
TOP(on left) and Taeyang (on the right) from the Korean Idol Group Big Bang ^^ so cute!

(need I say more)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

(NEW POST) 2월14일 Happy Valentines day/Seollal

Today was Valentines day AND Lunar New Year (called Seollal in Korean)
We went to Jang Ik's parents house for the holiday and they bowed to the ancestors. I was kinda too shy to bow to the ancestors but I bowed to Jang ik's parents and his grandma, when we visited her at the old folks home. She is cute and didn't notice that I was a foreigner. She is really old and has Alzheimer's Disease. Jang Ik and I kinda believe that she has never seen a foreigner before and maybe thought I was just an odd looking Korean girl... with dyed hair maybe... but who knows... 

She really liked me though ^^ If Jang Ik's parents send pictures I will upload them later.
And his uncles said to me in English "Welcome to the Family" ^^ It makes me happy that they like me, because I know I will be with Jang Ik for a very very very very long time.

Also, on our way back home Baskin Robins was having some event where you put your hand in a big globe that was blowing white Styrofoam balls around and you have to grab a coloured ball to win (it just had coloured dots on it made with marker) and we both won these super cute hats ^^

They are matching penguin hats!! yay!! ^___________^

Sunday, February 7, 2010

(NEW POST) 2월5일 and 7일 Whitney Houston concert and Cold Showers

On February 5th I had to go to a public bathhouse because my water had been like ICE all week and I didn't have a shower much that whole time... only washing special parts. So I went to the bathhouse, this is my second time in Korea but last time it was empty and I was with a friend. But this time is was filled with 30 naked Korean Women...
^^  it was awesome and wasn't as scary as I thought. Korean bathhouses are pretty clean and there are saunas, a cold water tub, a hot mineral tub and a hot tub of green tea leaves to soak in. Oh the niceness and best part, you can buy food and drinks (even beer or soju)
It was awesome.

The main reason I had to shower at a bathhouse and the reason why the shower was Ice was because Jang Ik was really busy, he was working for a part-time job at a whitney houston concert. I wanted to be clean to go there. It was a fun concert, well definitely not as fun as marilyn manson or TOOL but she really loves her fans and tell them so all the time  <3

It was good. ^^

Monday, February 1, 2010

Okay... So I just spent about 1 and a half hours making a post and it screwed up somehow and the half of the post was missing. So I'm kinda pissed now. I have no Idea what happened but I'm not happy about it

I took me forever to write it and my fingers hurt urrrgghgh
I will not post it again.

But anyways...
I finished reading Red Dragon yesterday and I will be reading Silence of the Lambs soon ^^ yay for Hannibal Lecter!