Wednesday, February 24, 2010

2월 25일 - So much for books :(

Right, now I won't be able to borrow any books from Jang Ik's library because he just graduated on Monday and is no longer a student. I believe there is a library near our apartment, we will try there but I don't believe they will have many books in English.

Yesterday, February 24, was beautiful. It was 16 degrees Celsius and I went for a walk after dark. It feels like almost the beginning of summer. But anyways, I went for a walk and checked out a couple stores - just for the hell of it because I love to look at things for no reason. I love touching things. Especially things I can't buy. lol But I went pretty far, like 15 minutes walk away from my place and saw a second hand(used) book store. I asked if he as any English books.
"영어 책 있어요?",
"영어 study?" (I think thats what he said.)
"아니요. 영어 읽다. 읽다. " (yeah.. great conjugation there Katie -_-)
then I mimed opening a book and reading it. Lol...
"아, yes."
"감가합니다." I said.
Then he showed me a whole bunch of old english books. Grammar, pronunciation, and normal novels. There was a few "romance" novels (the ones that tell all the sex scenes) and some Michael Crichton( the guy who wrote jurassic park and the sphere). There was a huge book with three of his novels as a special edition. It was so cool. I really wanted to get it, because I like his writing.
But then I found a book I had wanted to read in High school that I never got to read. A book that has a movie and I wanted to read the book ever since I saw the movie - -It was called Little Women.

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