Sunday, February 14, 2010

(NEW POST) 2월14일 Happy Valentines day/Seollal

Today was Valentines day AND Lunar New Year (called Seollal in Korean)
We went to Jang Ik's parents house for the holiday and they bowed to the ancestors. I was kinda too shy to bow to the ancestors but I bowed to Jang ik's parents and his grandma, when we visited her at the old folks home. She is cute and didn't notice that I was a foreigner. She is really old and has Alzheimer's Disease. Jang Ik and I kinda believe that she has never seen a foreigner before and maybe thought I was just an odd looking Korean girl... with dyed hair maybe... but who knows... 

She really liked me though ^^ If Jang Ik's parents send pictures I will upload them later.
And his uncles said to me in English "Welcome to the Family" ^^ It makes me happy that they like me, because I know I will be with Jang Ik for a very very very very long time.

Also, on our way back home Baskin Robins was having some event where you put your hand in a big globe that was blowing white Styrofoam balls around and you have to grab a coloured ball to win (it just had coloured dots on it made with marker) and we both won these super cute hats ^^

They are matching penguin hats!! yay!! ^___________^

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