Sunday, February 7, 2010

(NEW POST) 2월5일 and 7일 Whitney Houston concert and Cold Showers

On February 5th I had to go to a public bathhouse because my water had been like ICE all week and I didn't have a shower much that whole time... only washing special parts. So I went to the bathhouse, this is my second time in Korea but last time it was empty and I was with a friend. But this time is was filled with 30 naked Korean Women...
^^  it was awesome and wasn't as scary as I thought. Korean bathhouses are pretty clean and there are saunas, a cold water tub, a hot mineral tub and a hot tub of green tea leaves to soak in. Oh the niceness and best part, you can buy food and drinks (even beer or soju)
It was awesome.

The main reason I had to shower at a bathhouse and the reason why the shower was Ice was because Jang Ik was really busy, he was working for a part-time job at a whitney houston concert. I wanted to be clean to go there. It was a fun concert, well definitely not as fun as marilyn manson or TOOL but she really loves her fans and tell them so all the time  <3

It was good. ^^

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