Monday, March 29, 2010

3월 28일

Today, I am made Hoddeok but the dough wasnt sweet enough and I used hot chocolate powder and sugar instead of cinnamon and brown sugar, because I don't have cinnamon and brown sugar. lol ^^ its still really yummy but it doesn't taste like the street stuff (lol sounds like drugs), it kinda tastes like a really thick tortilla with sweet filling.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

3월 25일

Today I made Tteokbokki for dinner using maangchi's recipe. You can find the recipe here.

Here is a picture of what it looks like:

And to change up maangchi's recipes, I added an extra tablespoon and a half of sugar too make it sweeter and taste almost like the sweet bagged chip style tteokbokki I like to eat. I also added the seafood stuff that vendors add, carrots and mushrooms. ^^ 아주아주 맛있어요!!!

There are two kinds of Tteok because I used the left over from my red bean porridge (the bigger ones) and bought some bagged stuff at the store. I must say, the store bought brand doesnt taste as good as the amazing fresh made stuff. :(

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

3월 23일 Working lots again finally.

I am now know as 과선생님 (science teacher).
I have a new kindergarten where the theme is learning english through science.
We basically are making really easy things like making toothpaste, feeling things in a box, and growing barley seeds and radish seeds. its all really fun.

I do this on Tuesday and Thursday as two different kindergartens. Fun though ^^
I am glad I get friday and saturday off. Because I'm super tired.

Also, I went to the a kindergarten that I only go to twice a month. It is always lots of fun. Here are some pics of the fun game I made ^^

He couldn't figure out what to do with the face... So I help a little.

He was also confused lol
She totally knew what she was doing and BOY! was she angry.
Lol ^^ Super cute.

"I'm GREAT!!!!" ^^

(after they do something I give them high fives. Its painful after a while)

Sunday, March 21, 2010

3월 21일 Boy are stupid.

Today I saw this young girl, she was maybe 9 or 10 years old, and she had this messenger bag that said, "Boys are stupid" in bold letters and underneath it, it said, "Never underestimate the stupidity of boys in large groups."
Beside the phrase there was a picture for a bunch of cartoon boys heads representing a large group.

It is funny as hell. ^^

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Something I remember from a long time ago.(3월16일)

Although they say it was banned.. I don't remember if it was or not but I remember it was funny as hell for someone my age to see on TV. ke ke ke

They best this about it is when he gets jersey-ed (spelling??) for being such an ignorant American. (ignorant meaning = he doesn't know anything about something)

Monday, March 15, 2010

Extra pics

We are on the bus to the subway station.

I'm being silly.

Very interesting stairs. They go up pretty far and around the corner is very very steep.

Another look at the multi-layered-ness of Seoul.

And thats all...

3월 15일

Beautiful garden/yard at the CJ Headquarters.
CJ is a popular prepared food brand, like curry or kimchi or pickled radish. All very yummy, mind you.
P.S its real grass. You can't find real grass anywhere in Seoul most of the time...well not where I live at least. And most schools either have just dirt or fake grass.

This dude has a small putting range on his rooftop yard. Here in Korea, its not illegal to have an apartment on the roof. I want one because you get the whole roof to yourself and no one can come up there because the door to the roof is locked unless you unlock it but I was told that its very hot in the summer and very cold in the winter because there is no protection from the elements and the insulation is probably shitty.

A view from a gap in the street.. I am basically on the top of the hill and you can see many different layers of apartments old and new. Its very very interesting. Its almost like Morocco (if you've seen pics of Morocco) but... multi coloured, because Morocco is mostly white or tan or brown-ish.

This is a view of Namsan Tower from the Seoul Station. Its a very popular tourist attraction.
Namsan means South Mountain(or hill).

We walked about 20 minutes to get this close and still... it was really far. Jannik had to go somewhere so we walked back down. It was too far to keep walking up a steep hill to get to a tower that was at a steeper hill and we didn't know where to cross the street.

We had fun and I studied a long time. ^^

Thursday, March 11, 2010

3월 11일

Today I woke up early-ish. (8:30am) I had to work at 2 - 4pm, so I left my house at 12pm to get there by 2. It was 6:30pm when I got home >_< such long subway rides!GAH!

But when I came back I went to

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


It snowed today. There was like at least 5 or 6 cms of snow on the ground before I left in the morning. I have some pictures.

The day before this... all the trees were brown and green not white. This is the mountain just at Seoul National University.

My Korean front gate ^^
Be envious. (lol)

This is my front door. I live on the 4th floor ^^
Although oddly enough...the 1st floor is almost half underground.

Did you know that just like in Japanese the number 4 is a deathly number (almost like our number 13)?
And usually apartments or hotels skips the 4th floor. So it will go from floor 3 to floor 5 sometimes but in my apartment... we have a 4th floor.
4 is my favourite number ^___^

Monday, March 8, 2010

3월 9일

Um yeah, so amazing-ness known as a webcam was delivered to me today and not a single person wanted to chat with me. :(
Kinda sad... So I tested it out with some pictures and some videos ^_^

I will post them here.

We chose the camera setting as upside down for the last one.. but all of these pics are mirrored to myself. So my left is my left and my right is my right ^^

Sunday, March 7, 2010

also.. March 7th

So... I guess I suck at writing blog posts at proper times... I decided writing my last post after midnight right after I finished my crochet baby booties. I should really at least give myself a day,
but it was all fresh in my head at that time. Now, I want to make a new post to expand what happened during my day on March 7th. Ha Ha Ha

So...Um today I wondered why all of us foreigners in Korea completely avoid each other when we pass or look at each other. As an example; I would rather walk up to a random Korean and ask them questions (sort of) than to go to another foreigner and talk to them. The only foreigners I talk to in Korea are the ones that go to the same Korean study class as me but other then that, I completely avoid all and any other foreigners. -.-;;; Its kinda weird.

Also today, on the subway there is this retarded guy (maybe he's not) but he was walking around the train retardedly and with slurred speech (I usually believe its acting) with gum in his hand saying, "ahjumma, ahjossi, ahjumma, ahjossi," every time he passed a person. He was basically trying to get people to give him 1000won for a 500won pack of gum. Usually people would give that much because they believe he is retarded and needs help (but so many people do that). A lot of people just ignore him or turn their head in shame or embarrassment. I have even turned my head away from these people, shamed. I don't buy into the scheme that this person trying because there are also these so called "blind" people on the subway with little coin baskets in their hand and sad MIDI music that sounds like crap. I have discovered that they are fake blind people, as one of the regular "blind" guys that walk the train had recently bought a new leather bag. And do you really think that blind people can maneuver through people in a straight line on a moving train without faltering?? I think not. I can barely stand or walk on the train without staggering like a drunk maniac. (ha ha ha ^__^)

Damn it... I haven't done my eyebrows all week. I've been lazy since I don't work much right now. I feel like a behemoth. The hairs that have grown in are bugging me because I know they are there and I constantly touch them. Its super annoying.
Well... I'm not completely not working. (yay, two negatives ^^) I do have my tutoring and I do start Wizard of Oz Kindergarten this Wednesday, of which I MUST make some material soon or.. else u.u But I would like to do more tutoring, I would like to try and get something without my recruiter. It would be awesome-ish.

Interesting Fact:
One way to tell the "loser" foreigners that are here only for teaching, drinking and sex is that they are super ugly (to our eyes) and always have super big, gross noses and lots of acne(sometimes).
But what is super weird about them is that they always seem to be good looking to Korean girls...usually the girls that are called "passport chasers". (The name speaks for itself)

Today with Ho Jun, we had the best conversation that I have ever had with an 8 year old boy. He is only wild child and very smart too. I actually have audio clips of two of our conversations... its interesting. I will figure out a way to upload it or put it in a video. Super funny.

Something new to ponder...
1. why do ahjumma hike up mountains with high heels (or platforms)?
2. And why how come mens shoes haven't changed since way before the 1600's. -_-

Want to know how easy it is to go bus surfing (which is often) with heels on? Keep guessing... Yes! Its VERY hard yet how do these girls in Korea wear 4 inch stilletos(sp?) on a fast moving scary bus...????

Also, my webcam is coming on the 8th. Hopefully it comes before noon ^^ Yay me!
The last webcam I had cost me probably $6. It was just as cheap in quality as the price... but I was dumb enough to leave it in Canada.
So we are getting a new one that cost around $35 and shipping is basically free here ^^. It is a 2009 model logitech laptop webcam.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Yay for crochet 3월 7일

Welcome March. Well, well, well where the hell did February go???This is insane. The amount of time I have been in Korea has been so long already, although it is hard to be believe that I even left Canada 7 months ago. hehehe

So, for the past to days I have decided to do some crochet. And I made these super cute Baby Booties from Theresa at Crochet Mania. She is the greatest teacher of crochet that I have ever come across on the net or maybe in real life. I learn everything I need to know about crochet from her, except for tapestry crochet because she hadn't made an actual full post about it yet, I looked it up myself and tried it once... I kinda failed lol. She also makes videos about her patterns or techniques so you can easily do them and she even does the in slow-mo sometimes. Her youtube channel is here. Just in case anyone wants to try crocheting ^-^

This is my first time doing one of her patterns and finished it. Although the pattern was slightly confusing and different than the pattern in the video that goes with it but I pulled through. Here are some pictures of the finished product.

They also have super cute crochet olive green ties. Its the perfect for a baby that will one day come into the world in the future.
But alas, these are no for me. These are for a friend that I met in Korea that found out she and her hubby are having a baby. I decided it would be a nice thing to do.
I decided on white because it symbolizes new and pure, and I chose the green ties because to me, I guess it symbolizes healthy growth. You know, like grass and leaves grow. Kinda like that.
But maybe in all true reality, I chose those colours because I only had white and green and black. And... to give someone else's baby something with a really dark black, just doesn't seem right. For my future baby, it is okay but no for someone you haven't known for a long time. And my red is too bright and used up... I have no more yellow or blue. Only green and white.
But hey... Green is a unisex colour. Because she had recently found out that she is pregnant, she doesn't know the sex of the child.

On other news, my old friend found out that she is having a baby girl!! She always wanted to have a girl! I am so happy ^^ I wish I could send her something crochet (and that would make it the second thing that I have handcrafted for her lol) but we kinda live too far away.
Maybe I will...But that means I still have to wait until I get paid to buy more white and some sakura pink (cherry blossom). It kinda sucks that yarn is kind of expensive here, but it is real wool.
I also kind of wonder, is it bad to use real wool? Isn't it stealing an animals protection from the elements? Sometimes I would rather want to work with synthetic yarn because it feels thicker and less stretchy on my hook.
But yeah, it is super expensive. I wish there was a salvation army or value village here in Korea, so I can buy bags and bags of it for the same price as buying two in the normal crochet/knitting store. ><>

P.S BTW, I hope this changing of fonts wasn't too annoying. hahaha ^^