Monday, March 15, 2010

3월 15일

Beautiful garden/yard at the CJ Headquarters.
CJ is a popular prepared food brand, like curry or kimchi or pickled radish. All very yummy, mind you.
P.S its real grass. You can't find real grass anywhere in Seoul most of the time...well not where I live at least. And most schools either have just dirt or fake grass.

This dude has a small putting range on his rooftop yard. Here in Korea, its not illegal to have an apartment on the roof. I want one because you get the whole roof to yourself and no one can come up there because the door to the roof is locked unless you unlock it but I was told that its very hot in the summer and very cold in the winter because there is no protection from the elements and the insulation is probably shitty.

A view from a gap in the street.. I am basically on the top of the hill and you can see many different layers of apartments old and new. Its very very interesting. Its almost like Morocco (if you've seen pics of Morocco) but... multi coloured, because Morocco is mostly white or tan or brown-ish.

This is a view of Namsan Tower from the Seoul Station. Its a very popular tourist attraction.
Namsan means South Mountain(or hill).

We walked about 20 minutes to get this close and still... it was really far. Jannik had to go somewhere so we walked back down. It was too far to keep walking up a steep hill to get to a tower that was at a steeper hill and we didn't know where to cross the street.

We had fun and I studied a long time. ^^

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