Sunday, March 7, 2010

also.. March 7th

So... I guess I suck at writing blog posts at proper times... I decided writing my last post after midnight right after I finished my crochet baby booties. I should really at least give myself a day,
but it was all fresh in my head at that time. Now, I want to make a new post to expand what happened during my day on March 7th. Ha Ha Ha

So...Um today I wondered why all of us foreigners in Korea completely avoid each other when we pass or look at each other. As an example; I would rather walk up to a random Korean and ask them questions (sort of) than to go to another foreigner and talk to them. The only foreigners I talk to in Korea are the ones that go to the same Korean study class as me but other then that, I completely avoid all and any other foreigners. -.-;;; Its kinda weird.

Also today, on the subway there is this retarded guy (maybe he's not) but he was walking around the train retardedly and with slurred speech (I usually believe its acting) with gum in his hand saying, "ahjumma, ahjossi, ahjumma, ahjossi," every time he passed a person. He was basically trying to get people to give him 1000won for a 500won pack of gum. Usually people would give that much because they believe he is retarded and needs help (but so many people do that). A lot of people just ignore him or turn their head in shame or embarrassment. I have even turned my head away from these people, shamed. I don't buy into the scheme that this person trying because there are also these so called "blind" people on the subway with little coin baskets in their hand and sad MIDI music that sounds like crap. I have discovered that they are fake blind people, as one of the regular "blind" guys that walk the train had recently bought a new leather bag. And do you really think that blind people can maneuver through people in a straight line on a moving train without faltering?? I think not. I can barely stand or walk on the train without staggering like a drunk maniac. (ha ha ha ^__^)

Damn it... I haven't done my eyebrows all week. I've been lazy since I don't work much right now. I feel like a behemoth. The hairs that have grown in are bugging me because I know they are there and I constantly touch them. Its super annoying.
Well... I'm not completely not working. (yay, two negatives ^^) I do have my tutoring and I do start Wizard of Oz Kindergarten this Wednesday, of which I MUST make some material soon or.. else u.u But I would like to do more tutoring, I would like to try and get something without my recruiter. It would be awesome-ish.

Interesting Fact:
One way to tell the "loser" foreigners that are here only for teaching, drinking and sex is that they are super ugly (to our eyes) and always have super big, gross noses and lots of acne(sometimes).
But what is super weird about them is that they always seem to be good looking to Korean girls...usually the girls that are called "passport chasers". (The name speaks for itself)

Today with Ho Jun, we had the best conversation that I have ever had with an 8 year old boy. He is only wild child and very smart too. I actually have audio clips of two of our conversations... its interesting. I will figure out a way to upload it or put it in a video. Super funny.

Something new to ponder...
1. why do ahjumma hike up mountains with high heels (or platforms)?
2. And why how come mens shoes haven't changed since way before the 1600's. -_-

Want to know how easy it is to go bus surfing (which is often) with heels on? Keep guessing... Yes! Its VERY hard yet how do these girls in Korea wear 4 inch stilletos(sp?) on a fast moving scary bus...????

Also, my webcam is coming on the 8th. Hopefully it comes before noon ^^ Yay me!
The last webcam I had cost me probably $6. It was just as cheap in quality as the price... but I was dumb enough to leave it in Canada.
So we are getting a new one that cost around $35 and shipping is basically free here ^^. It is a 2009 model logitech laptop webcam.

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