Tuesday, March 23, 2010

3월 23일 Working lots again finally.

I am now know as 과선생님 (science teacher).
I have a new kindergarten where the theme is learning english through science.
We basically are making really easy things like making toothpaste, feeling things in a box, and growing barley seeds and radish seeds. its all really fun.

I do this on Tuesday and Thursday as two different kindergartens. Fun though ^^
I am glad I get friday and saturday off. Because I'm super tired.

Also, I went to the a kindergarten that I only go to twice a month. It is always lots of fun. Here are some pics of the fun game I made ^^

He couldn't figure out what to do with the face... So I help a little.

He was also confused lol
She totally knew what she was doing and BOY! was she angry.
Lol ^^ Super cute.

"I'm GREAT!!!!" ^^

(after they do something I give them high fives. Its painful after a while)

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