Saturday, March 6, 2010

Yay for crochet 3월 7일

Welcome March. Well, well, well where the hell did February go???This is insane. The amount of time I have been in Korea has been so long already, although it is hard to be believe that I even left Canada 7 months ago. hehehe

So, for the past to days I have decided to do some crochet. And I made these super cute Baby Booties from Theresa at Crochet Mania. She is the greatest teacher of crochet that I have ever come across on the net or maybe in real life. I learn everything I need to know about crochet from her, except for tapestry crochet because she hadn't made an actual full post about it yet, I looked it up myself and tried it once... I kinda failed lol. She also makes videos about her patterns or techniques so you can easily do them and she even does the in slow-mo sometimes. Her youtube channel is here. Just in case anyone wants to try crocheting ^-^

This is my first time doing one of her patterns and finished it. Although the pattern was slightly confusing and different than the pattern in the video that goes with it but I pulled through. Here are some pictures of the finished product.

They also have super cute crochet olive green ties. Its the perfect for a baby that will one day come into the world in the future.
But alas, these are no for me. These are for a friend that I met in Korea that found out she and her hubby are having a baby. I decided it would be a nice thing to do.
I decided on white because it symbolizes new and pure, and I chose the green ties because to me, I guess it symbolizes healthy growth. You know, like grass and leaves grow. Kinda like that.
But maybe in all true reality, I chose those colours because I only had white and green and black. And... to give someone else's baby something with a really dark black, just doesn't seem right. For my future baby, it is okay but no for someone you haven't known for a long time. And my red is too bright and used up... I have no more yellow or blue. Only green and white.
But hey... Green is a unisex colour. Because she had recently found out that she is pregnant, she doesn't know the sex of the child.

On other news, my old friend found out that she is having a baby girl!! She always wanted to have a girl! I am so happy ^^ I wish I could send her something crochet (and that would make it the second thing that I have handcrafted for her lol) but we kinda live too far away.
Maybe I will...But that means I still have to wait until I get paid to buy more white and some sakura pink (cherry blossom). It kinda sucks that yarn is kind of expensive here, but it is real wool.
I also kind of wonder, is it bad to use real wool? Isn't it stealing an animals protection from the elements? Sometimes I would rather want to work with synthetic yarn because it feels thicker and less stretchy on my hook.
But yeah, it is super expensive. I wish there was a salvation army or value village here in Korea, so I can buy bags and bags of it for the same price as buying two in the normal crochet/knitting store. ><>

P.S BTW, I hope this changing of fonts wasn't too annoying. hahaha ^^

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  1. I bet the sheep get itchy and hot with all that wool... don't feel so bad taking it..