Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Today is an okay day.

Today is an okay day. My classes at oz were really good but I am
totally glad that colours are over!! That was the most boring and most
annoying theme. I never want to to it again ( with korean
kindergarteners, at least) but I know I will have to do it again next
I must think of some better games because my ice cream pieces are
broken. But I will be much easier when I have a real job in Canada for
preschool because then I cab actually teach writing and to fun crafts

My train ride is always long to oz but it's always worth it. I think I
should try to get the owner to hire me personally so I can get rid of
Gloria, somehow, slowly.

I also have to talk to HoJun's dad, if he wants to keep me a little
longer but without her. It would save him a lot of money. I should
really learn the proper words in Korean for getting a tutoring job by
myself. Or something else while I try to start studying for my ece
course that I will do one day. <3 I should start the paper work.

One thing that I wish the iPod touch had was a replacable battery
because I use it so much, the battery dies so quickly :(

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Monday, June 28, 2010

Level 3

I guess i shall be going to level three at the kongbubang. Wish me
luck because I heard it's not fun like sanghyun's awesome class. It's
mostly in just korean, so that will be a Wonderful challenge. But it
will also help me talk more with my lovely oppa.
I believe i can do it! And also. Antti is in the class. He's like the
only buddy in Korea. I like finish people, they are fun and nice -almost like
us canadians, just so laid back and chill. Maybe I could visit Finland
one day if he end up going back there, with Jang ik of course.

Today, work fucking sucked. These expiraments are really impossible
for these kids. Maybe I should find a kindy job teaching art or
cooking. Cooking would be super fun!

The man beside me smells like rotten vinegar or just really old sushi
rice. XP it's so gross. And he is kinda sleeping on me!!!!! >___< I'm
going to die here on this subway. Someone save me! Yeah he is smelly
because he spilled somethig nasty on his shirt. It looks really gross.

And the other guy beside me was tryingto get something out of his bag
and kept hitting in the boob with his elbow. I really dislike sitting
beside full grown weirdo ahjossi, I gets squished and they smell
funny. -_-;

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Saturday, June 26, 2010

June 27 - 대한민국 파이팅!

Yesterday, Jang ik and I went to Ttukseom Resort because there were having a viewing of the FIFA 2010 world cup S. Korea against Uruguay. We lost! :(
But it was fun and everyone was Cheering a lot!!
Jang Ik's best friend from Elementary School (meaning they knew each other since Elementary School) came with us.
We ate doughnuts, kimbab and chips and pop! yay!

There were several acts, including the group f(x). Although Amber (the taiwanese-american girl that can't actually speak much Korean, but she is my favourite) was missing because apparently she hurt her leg before. But I believe it was true because the next day, they performed on TV and Amber was still missing. :( hope she gets better.

Here are my favorite photos, the rest are HERE.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Am I 21?

Today, I randomly thought 'Am I really 21 years old??'

I wonder how I have come to be this age. Where did time go and why
does it go so fast?

Today, I have to work for 40minutes because I was really late on
monday because I left a little too late.
Now I know that I have to either be too early or too late. It is very
odd. I rather choose too early but it's rather boring. I do have my
cranes that I can fold because I need to finish 1000 of them. ^-^

Well let's
Hope classes go well. I need to remember to get a portable felt board,
or a felt book like one of the other Korean-English teachers have. I
think that it's really cool <3
I can fit all of my months themes in each sleeve.

Now, I think I will go to the bread shop and study for a bit, they
have tables - I really don't want to go back on the subway right now.
It sucks.

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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

1999? Grade 7

I always think of completely random things from my past, like for
example; in grade 7 or 8 at an after school dance at another school, i
got punched in the nose by a jamacian- Canadian girl.
What happened was she started by making fun of the fact that I had no
friends and I turned and said to her "well, at least my friends don't
go to jail all the time"
It must have hit her deep because of the friends she had and the area
she lived in because Then she took an upper cut with her palm to my
face and hit me square in the nose. It hurt, of course, but I didn't
cry. I don't think i ever told my mom this. This would technically be
my first and only fight. And the first time I stuck up for myself when
being bullied.

Anyways, about this dance - I went there with a male kid friend who
live off of ferndale, my street, but beside the elementary school, in
a house that looked like a castle.
We had also once went to see lord of the rings together once. It was
the first one. This happened in the same year, so whatever year lord
of the rings came out is the year that I got punched in the nose. Haha

We hung out for a little while and one day, we never hung out again...

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Monday, June 14, 2010

June 14th

Tteokbokki night!

I Love making tteokbokki. Its really awesome when I make it.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

June 9th - Fun at Oz kindergarten

On Wednesday I go to Byeongjeom station and we have monthly themes in with to teach and this month was colours and shapes. So I found a fun and creative game and the kids really liked it. Although 5 year olds have a rather hard time to know what to do.. :( really sad. But the 6's and 7's know exactly what to do and do it well!

Here are some of my 5 favorite pictures, if you want to see more CLICK HERE.

Monday, June 7, 2010

After work

I came across these lovely 오징어 (squid). They are really fascinating because they can turn invisible (because of photosynthesis - I believe). Although its really sad to kill and eat them, they are really yummy!! These guys are being kept in a tank right outside the restaurant. So you can always get fresh fish anytime you go to a korean restaurant.

June 7th - English Camp at Koun Kindergarten.

Instead of a normal class, we have a small airport-like English Camp at one of the Kindergartens that I work at on Mondays. I kinda like them because for 2 hours all I had to do was ask simple questions like: "What's your name? How old are you? Where are you from?" Just like that.

Here are some pics of my cuties from Koun Kindergarten.

The little cutie holding the teacher's hand is one of my most favourite kid!

OMG! These little 5 year old are SUPER cute!!!
(in american age they are only 3 or 4)

um.. i don't know why the quality is bad... but if you click the picture, it will give you the full size with great quality..

Saturday, June 5, 2010

June 5th - Packing up to move.

We were packing all weekend and found a new place today to move in on Wednesday!
Jang ik will probably do the moving while I am at work.
Good-bye lovely small place!

We moved because everywhere I work was too far from our house. :(
Maybe i'll upload a map of where I used to live to where I live.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

June 2nd - Cooking with English 2

This time, the other science Kindergarten made me do cooking with English. It was also fun.
This Kindergarten is really close to Nowon Station.

"Oh my gat! Its soooo yummy but a little bit too salty! But I must lick my fingers. MM"
Watcha doing? filling your little face with cheese, tomato and oil, S & P??

...Too much salt, I think.

"Say, KimChiiiiii!"

"선생님, 맛있어? 짜요?"
"네, 저금 짜요!"

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

June 1st - Cooking with English.

Instead of teacher science through English, today we did cooking with english. It was rather fun and I got some pictures.

He decided to eat pepper.

The oil is very oily.

Mmmm, nom nom nomnom

Tried to get a picture of one of the classes, it was rather difficult because I don't have a tripod, and these little dude always move!

Mmm! Let's Eat!