Saturday, June 26, 2010

June 27 - 대한민국 파이팅!

Yesterday, Jang ik and I went to Ttukseom Resort because there were having a viewing of the FIFA 2010 world cup S. Korea against Uruguay. We lost! :(
But it was fun and everyone was Cheering a lot!!
Jang Ik's best friend from Elementary School (meaning they knew each other since Elementary School) came with us.
We ate doughnuts, kimbab and chips and pop! yay!

There were several acts, including the group f(x). Although Amber (the taiwanese-american girl that can't actually speak much Korean, but she is my favourite) was missing because apparently she hurt her leg before. But I believe it was true because the next day, they performed on TV and Amber was still missing. :( hope she gets better.

Here are my favorite photos, the rest are HERE.

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