Tuesday, June 22, 2010

1999? Grade 7

I always think of completely random things from my past, like for
example; in grade 7 or 8 at an after school dance at another school, i
got punched in the nose by a jamacian- Canadian girl.
What happened was she started by making fun of the fact that I had no
friends and I turned and said to her "well, at least my friends don't
go to jail all the time"
It must have hit her deep because of the friends she had and the area
she lived in because Then she took an upper cut with her palm to my
face and hit me square in the nose. It hurt, of course, but I didn't
cry. I don't think i ever told my mom this. This would technically be
my first and only fight. And the first time I stuck up for myself when
being bullied.

Anyways, about this dance - I went there with a male kid friend who
live off of ferndale, my street, but beside the elementary school, in
a house that looked like a castle.
We had also once went to see lord of the rings together once. It was
the first one. This happened in the same year, so whatever year lord
of the rings came out is the year that I got punched in the nose. Haha

We hung out for a little while and one day, we never hung out again...

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