Thursday, June 24, 2010

Am I 21?

Today, I randomly thought 'Am I really 21 years old??'

I wonder how I have come to be this age. Where did time go and why
does it go so fast?

Today, I have to work for 40minutes because I was really late on
monday because I left a little too late.
Now I know that I have to either be too early or too late. It is very
odd. I rather choose too early but it's rather boring. I do have my
cranes that I can fold because I need to finish 1000 of them. ^-^

Well let's
Hope classes go well. I need to remember to get a portable felt board,
or a felt book like one of the other Korean-English teachers have. I
think that it's really cool <3
I can fit all of my months themes in each sleeve.

Now, I think I will go to the bread shop and study for a bit, they
have tables - I really don't want to go back on the subway right now.
It sucks.

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