Sunday, July 11, 2010

이쪽으로 보세요

As I am waiting to cross the street at ssangmun station there is a
taxi blocking the side street and a cop across the first cross walk.
(this is a four lane, one way street - two for cars, two for bus)
Since it's a green light, no one can cross, not even the traffic
police, he whistles to him and yells "아저씨!" a couple times. The taxi
driver is clearly ignoring him, soI think in my head, 'should I help
the police guy ?'
I think the odds, by the time the police gets to cross the street, he
won't be able to give him a ticket because, he'll drive off. So it's
ok to help.

I knock on the passenger door and point to the other side, as at first
I forgot what to say, and he didn't know what I was doing pointing.
Then I saw, "이쪽으로 보세요" and he looks to where my finger points
and sees the police and then drives off.
The police kinda laughs and nods his head in thanks. ㅋㅋㅋ

Although then, it sounds so right and it was the first thing that came
to my head. Now that I think about it and read it, I should have said 저
I think.

Funny thing I saw in the subway:
지하철 의자는 추구골대가 아닙니다
And the guys legs were wide open as a goal post in the picture, with a
ball going towards him.

오프사이드 반칙은 싫어요
And a picture of a guy running really fast out the train with a ball

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