Monday, June 28, 2010

Level 3

I guess i shall be going to level three at the kongbubang. Wish me
luck because I heard it's not fun like sanghyun's awesome class. It's
mostly in just korean, so that will be a Wonderful challenge. But it
will also help me talk more with my lovely oppa.
I believe i can do it! And also. Antti is in the class. He's like the
only buddy in Korea. I like finish people, they are fun and nice -almost like
us canadians, just so laid back and chill. Maybe I could visit Finland
one day if he end up going back there, with Jang ik of course.

Today, work fucking sucked. These expiraments are really impossible
for these kids. Maybe I should find a kindy job teaching art or
cooking. Cooking would be super fun!

The man beside me smells like rotten vinegar or just really old sushi
rice. XP it's so gross. And he is kinda sleeping on me!!!!! >___< I'm
going to die here on this subway. Someone save me! Yeah he is smelly
because he spilled somethig nasty on his shirt. It looks really gross.

And the other guy beside me was tryingto get something out of his bag
and kept hitting in the boob with his elbow. I really dislike sitting
beside full grown weirdo ahjossi, I gets squished and they smell
funny. -_-;

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