Saturday, July 24, 2010

Today, I slept until 12:30pm

Today, I slept until 12:30pm, played on my computer all day, ate pizza
from, played on computer again and now I'm bored. I want to
study but my brain feels fried and I don't have the enthusiasm to
study at home, I'd rather go to a cafe. Maybe I'll do that but ...
It's 7:30pm.

Omg what should I do...

Now it's 12am soon. I am on my iPod right now, because I have nothing
else to do as I cannot sleep. Gah. What should I write about?
I hope I win that draw for that magazines and crochet hooks. I really
can't find my only one.

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P.S = I didn't win :( Maybe next time

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  1. Study at the right time. You should try to study when you are the most alert and able to process and retain the information that you are studying.