Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Today is an okay day.

Today is an okay day. My classes at oz were really good but I am
totally glad that colours are over!! That was the most boring and most
annoying theme. I never want to to it again ( with korean
kindergarteners, at least) but I know I will have to do it again next
I must think of some better games because my ice cream pieces are
broken. But I will be much easier when I have a real job in Canada for
preschool because then I cab actually teach writing and to fun crafts

My train ride is always long to oz but it's always worth it. I think I
should try to get the owner to hire me personally so I can get rid of
Gloria, somehow, slowly.

I also have to talk to HoJun's dad, if he wants to keep me a little
longer but without her. It would save him a lot of money. I should
really learn the proper words in Korean for getting a tutoring job by
myself. Or something else while I try to start studying for my ece
course that I will do one day. <3 I should start the paper work.

One thing that I wish the iPod touch had was a replacable battery
because I use it so much, the battery dies so quickly :(

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