Thursday, July 29, 2010

Korean class, taxis, and Cicadas

Today, I have Korean business language class. I am so far, we have had
two assignments. One was writing 10 sentences using 수 있다 and 수 없다
(what I can or cannot do), it was super easy because I learned that
many months before this class and the next assignment was to do the
first quiz from the book. I think I it two wrong.

Okay the result is in, I got all the questions right!
And also, we did the chapter 2 quiz in class and out of 11 questions, I
got 3 wrong :(
But also, we didn't actually go over the material in that chapter,
except for 수 있다/없다
We learned 네요 but very little. So it kinda messed up my mark.
We don't have class next week because of summer break (for schools)
but i almost wish I could go to a Korean language hagkwon or even take
the Korean at konkuk university, which is right beside me house!!!
But I will study for next time. I will study the whole chapter 3. It's
only 4 or 5 pages.

My goal by next April is to be able to take the Korean proficiency
test. ^^b wish me luck!
And by doing this test, I will then be able to apply for a job, and
maybe even take ece in university here. (or online distance). But i
really want the degree and not just the diploma. A degree actually
means more.

Also, earlier today, the crosswalk told me that is was safe to cross
the street. Well, just as I passed a taxi, he decided to run through a
red light and nearly hit me.
You see, the one really cool thing about Korea is that if you get hit
by a someone, you demand their name card or phone number and a couple
days later you call them and ask for a certain amount of money, so you
won't take them to court. Even if you are perfectly ok.
That is the first thing that came to my head when i glared at him and
he pleasantly waved to me.

And before that I actually got to see a Cicada.

Here is a picture of one


A video of one singing a lovely song.

Warning, he is loud and very high pitched.

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