Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Touristy Things to do before I leave Korea Forever

(This is just a copy from my facebook notes. I want to do it here too - hahaha)

(but I won't be leaving Korea too soon yet harharhar)

1. Meet and talk to 노홍철 from 무한도전.
2. Meet all the guys from the tv show 무한도전.
3. Half-master Korean language.
4. Take the topik(test of proficency in korean) and get good mark.
5. Visit another province in Korea (again)
6. Visit a Hanok village (traditional style Korean village)
7. Visit namsan tower. **done**
8. Go to a live 무한도전 concert.
9. Go to a live gag concert (kinda like korean version of snl)
10. Visit the old capital of city of the Joseon dynasty
11. Visit the re-vamped gwahwamun square.**done**
12. Take a picture with the statue of king sejong at gwanghwamun.**done
13. Meet big bang ;) (or just go to their concert)
14. Visit Jimjjilbang **done** (several times done)
15. Be on a commercial in Korea
16. Go to jeju
17. Experience a temple stay
18. Pay off my credit card debt
19. Wear hanbok(Korean traditional clothes once more)
20. Purchase hanbok for myself

Will add more as I think of them...

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