Tuesday, December 28, 2010

When in Rome do as the Romans!

WEll, I'm not in Rome. I am in South Korea and here, they don't usually have ovens in their households.
So how does one go about making a cake that doesn't cost an arm and a leg??
***(as beautifully crafted cakes in local Bread shops range from 10,000won to who knows HOW much. and these beautiful and yummy cakes, although expensive are usually REALLY tiny. You'd have to buy two or three just to have a birthday party)

Well! I know! Use your rice cooker!! Wait, what? Yes, I am serious. Use your electric rice cooker to bake your cake! Its very simple.
I used this recipe here and it turned out wonderful and like this blogger, I didn't do the filling but I did do the butter cream icing on top but my icing turn more darker... it may be because I didn't use butter - I use margarine (Thats all I could find in short notice near my area at the furthest convenience store from my house/apt/one room-thingamajig) and I added a dash of Kahlua and vanilla syrup (like latte style syrup) because, well, the margarine style butter cream didn't taste as good as normal butter cream and I didn't have vanilla extract. (I originally wanted a whipped cream icing because its whiter and fluffier, but you can't find whipped cream r even 35% cream in the convenience stores here in Korea [outside of Itaewon].

But, for my cake I had to run it through the cook process 3 times, instead of 2 like the original recipe. It turned out perfectly the way I like it, nice and brown!! HA!

Anyways, Here are some nice pictures of my cake!