Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Busy day

Today was definitely a busy day. I started my day a little bit late, the bus passed me saying it was full again (same thing happened yesterday). And by full translink means there is still standing for six - eight people. I would stand to get a ride 4 mins down the road. Seriously translink. The bus from my apartment is only comes every 15 - 30 minutes. So... Yeah you can really miss the bus. I walked to the station. I should have walked to the station anyways. Or at least woken up earlier.

So I arrived in Psychology Class late. I love psychology. That stuff is the bomb. Currently learning about cognitive and physical development of children. We are in the 'attachment' section of our book.
I also have a virtual baby. His name is Lan. Currently he is 8 months old :)
And I found that my baby is has a secure attachment to me.

The rest of school went well. I feel like I am actually learning stuff. My only issue is that I have already become disorganized and feel like I am about to fall behind in my studies and assignments. I can't afford to redo a class. I can barely afford my tuition this term. Faaak.

Well getting late, peace 🙋

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