Sunday, October 18, 2015

Wow. Hello World!

As you can see... I am not really that good at keeping up with my blogs.
Again, I am going to try and promise to but I doubt that will happen.
Let's keep it up.

Yup, I still cook - less Korean food, but I crave it. I still cook rice for my DH. Lovely rice cooker keeps it warm for 5 days. Ah~
I still crochet. Though, not so much anymore too busy.
I hand sew (past tense) as a costumer's assistant for the BCRF.

On another note!
I have moved back to Canada as of March 2013 to Beautiful Vancouver. I have been living here for 2-ish years,
I have worked for Starbucks for 2 years now. Which I absolutely love to work at! I used to work full time but now I am only working on the Weekends.
Hey if you have any questions about Starbucks drinks and food items in B.C I can help you out.
I like to make "secret menu" style drinks.

I started volunteering for a private school because I wanted to apply for Early Childhood Education. I applied at Douglas College, but they didn't accept me.
I may go into details later.
Instead, my friend got my into Langara College. I had applied early for the January intake the moment I found out that Douglas College didn't want me. (Three years teaching in Korea to Kindy/Pre-k doesn't really cut it I guess). I started finishing all the paperwork and basically handed it in the next day. They were interested. My greatest friend put in a good work for me to the Head of the department and I got an interview a couple weeks later. I also felt it odd that the registrar accepted my with an English mark of 78% (1% less than minimum 80%). The head said that she accepted me and was glad to have me in the intake for September! OMG, Apply for January 2016 intake and got accepted to the September 2015 intake!
I was super happy about this. For sure.
But back to the English mark, a couple days later I was informed after I have my January application cancelled and my September intake accepted, that I was not able to register for classes (which already had the registration pass). So, unfortunately, I had to take the LET and get at least a 3 of 5. Got a three. Yay

So TL;DR, I got into college.

Peace, I have two mid-terms I need to study for.

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